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Celebrating 10th year anniversary of best-selling album “Mitorer”

Whether you think of him as a virtuoso violinist or Jerusalem fiddler, Michael Greilsammer is a consummate performer, singer and songwriter who, together with his band, is celebrating the tenth year anniversary of the debut album “Mitorer (Awakening)” both in Israel and Europe.

The popular “Ishti Hayelara (My Dear Wife)” and “Yalla Boyi (Come with Me)” are frequently heard on the radio and viewed on YouTube together with other songs from the album such as “Haetz Ve Hapri (The Tree and the Fruit)” and “Khalalioyt (Spaceships).”

Greilsammer’s collaboration with musical producer Assi Ayalon, has created a surprisingly eclectic and innovative album that draws from diverse and unconventional musical influences; from rock and reggae to Irish folk and classical music, to French chansons and the rhythms of the Mediterranean.

Concerts that have followed on the international success of the album are thrilling performances, full of positive energy and hypnotic rhythms earning Greilsammer success on a worldwide scale.

Greilsammer, wife and creative partner Shimrit and his band are in-demand performers at prestigious music festivals all over the world.

To mark the 10-year anniversary of “Mitorer,” Greilsammer and his band will kick off their concert tour in the place where it all began, The Yellow Submarine club in Jerusalem.

The talented, versatile musician has finished recording a new EP this summer to be released in the next couple of months both in Israel and internationally.

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Michael Greilsammer - Biography

A virtuoso violinist, singer, and songwriter, Michael Greilsammer is one of today’s most fascinating, unique, and eclectic musicians internationally. Originally a classical violinist, he is recognised today as an audacious artist who is not afraid of connecting between diverse and distant musical worlds, such as rock, reggae, Irish folk, classical music, French traditional songs, and Middle-Eastern beats. 

Michael Greilsammer has appeared with his band in some of the world’s most prestigious festivals in Europe, North America, India and the Caribbean. The press has hailed his performances as an astonishing display of musical fusions and encounters between styles, genres, and cultures. Always keeping the audience on its feet thanks to mind-blowing rhythms and by injecting a positive, vibrant, and exciting atmosphere, Michael Greilsammer has opened shows for some of today’s greatest pop and world music stars, such as Macy Gray, Amadou & Mariam, The Wailers, and Ziggy Marley. 

After being signed by the prestigious French label Naïve, Michael Greilsammer released his debut album, featuring songs in English, French, and Hebrew. Shortly after this discographic success, a second album was released, bringing Michael Greilsammer to instant fame in his home country of Israel, thanks to hits such as “My Dear Wife” and “Yalla Boyi”. In addition to collaborations with various international stars, Michael Greilsammer has also performed extensively with his brother, classical pianist and conductor David Greilsammer. This coming June, Michael Greilsammer will perform his greatest hits for the first time with a major symphony orchestra, as the guest of the prestigious Symphonette Raanana in Israel.

Michael Greilsammer’s upcoming new album, his third, will be released this year and will present a captivating musical encounter with the award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Keren. “Sing a Reggae Song”, revealing an unusual mix between Celtic music and reggae, will soon be released as the first single of this new album. 

"Michael Greilsammer continues to prove that his original Reggae-inflected Hebrew-French songs, with a splash of English, are just what the music scene needs right now…"

“Domestic Harmony”, Jerusalem Post - 2011

Reggae music has been missing a few strings!’ This may well be the conclusion reached by anyone who’s heard the wonder of the Michael Greilsammer’s fusion of the soul-stroking sounds of the violin… Lead singer and band leader, Michael Greilsammer, is known as the first reggae violinist in the world, creating a sound that crumbles the boundaries of culture and religion – then signs a peace sign into the remaining dust.”

“An eclectic Musical Journey” - Barbados Advocate - 2009

"Full Time Dad"

Featuring Yossi Sassi

Lyrics: Michael Greilsammer & Shaanan Streett

Music by Michael Greilsammer

"Guitar & Violin"

"The first great version of the song,

since Arik Einstein and Shalom Hanoch"

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