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Israeli-born violinist & singer/songwriter, Michael Greilsammer 
has been called a revolutionary musical phenomenon by the world press. 

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11.6 Michael Greilsammer @ Espace 600, Grenoble, France

24.7 Premiere of "Michael Greilsammer and the Nonprofit Band" new show !! 

A new musical experience - Beit Maziya Theatre, Jerusalem    

21.8 Ivory Coast - Details soon 

29.6 Michael Greilsammer @ Ottawa Jazz Festival, Canada

16.9 Geneva, Switzerland (Details soon) 

15.11 Winnipeg, Canada (Details soon) 

Latest shows: 

25.5 Michael Greilsammer @ JW3, London, UK

5.6 Michael Greilsammer @ Kaffee Burger Club, Berlin, Germany

7.6 Michael Greilsammer @ Karneval Der Kulturen, Berlin, Germany 



Israeli-born violinist & singer/songwriter, Michael Greilsammer has been called a revolutionary musical phenomenon by the world press.

The child of French immigrant parents and named a child prodigy at the age of five, Michael’s unique music blends Irish, Reggae and Rock flavors to create a magical sound, guaranteed to lift the soul and sweep every audience onto the dance floor.

Plugging into a tube amp, Michael mixes classical violin and electric guitar techniques to create a previously unheard sound. He and his band have performed internationally in the UK, Canada, the US, Barbados, India and France, leaving a growing fan base in their wake. 

Regularly performing in major venues in his native Israel, Michael has been a supporting act for several international artists including Macy Gray, Ziggy Marley & the Wailers. He has also played with popular Irish musicians including John McSherry and Emer Mayock and with world musicians, Amadou & Mariam from Mali. In 2013 Michael was resident artist at the Canadian Carlton University in Ottawa giving master classes in musical production.

Michael’s debut album, "Mitorer / Je me réveille” (Waking Up) was released by the major French music label, "Naïve", which boasts renowned artists such as Carla Bruni and Marian Faithfull. In 2009 Michael’s first single ‘Ishti Hayekara‘ (My Beloved Wife) reached number 2 in the Israeli charts and his follow-up single, ‘J’t’emmene au vent‘ (a "Louise Attaque" cover) paved the way for his further success.

In his second album, ‘B Paris’, Michael collaborates with his wife, Shimrit, who has been likened to an Israeli Joni Mitchell and her voice compared to that of angels. Other Israeli music critics called "B Paris" “a perfect album” and “irresistible".

Michael and his band's 2014 spring/summer tour includes performances in the Ottawa International Jazz Festival, along with appearances in London and Paris.  Michael is currently producing his third album with new material in Hebrew, French and English.


Nonprofit band

A fan-owned band

Violin | Drum | Bass |
Classic rock | Indie | Pioneering |


Founded by international singer and violinist ­ Michael Greilsammer 

נונפרופיט בנד - כינור, באס, תופים 

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